Monday, January 18, 2010

Hard Day....

Today was a hard day for Loren and Karen. They had to put one of their dogs to sleep. They had him since he was a puppy. He was 8 years old. We buried him around the back of the house. Karen cried and cried and Loren cried some too at the vet. So pray for Loren and Karen today. I know he was "just" a dog but people tend to come and go alot on the mission field. Animals don't...they are always there happy to see you when you get home from a team.

Also please say a prayer of healing for me. It is kindof silly really but let me tell you it hurts! I did not swallow an antibotic all the way one evening and so it burned a hole into my esophagus. Every time I eat or drink it spasms and it feels like someone is squeezing my heart really tightly. The amazing Dr. Bacak called me in some medicine that helps coat my throat before I eat AND Praise the Lord they had it hear in Nicaragua! However, he also said it may take 10-20 days to heal. It is nothing serious just very painful when I eat or drink. Tell you what... you really look at that food and think....hmmm is it worth the pain to eat this? So, I appreciate your prayers.

Okay, here is the 3rd thing you can be praying for. As some of you already know Loren and Karen will be leaving Nicaragua in August. They will be moving to Chile (please pray that the paperwork etc. goes through for the is going slowly) to continue mission work there. Thus, there is an urgency here in Nicaragua..especially in remote areas were Loren is usally one of the only missionaries to travel to these places and share the gospel. Pray that the people will have open hearts and that the Lord will raise up Nica men to send out as native missionaries. Pray for Serhio, Darwin, Pablo, and others that the Lord is calling to missions in their own country.

Thank you so much for praying! God is moving here!


  1. I've burnt my esophagus too! Painful!

    One of the many times I went to the doctor thinking I had cancer. Throat cancer. Nope. Just a burnt esophagus.

    I'm so sorry!


  2. Heather...I know it hurts, right! I didn't think I had cancer I just thought I was having a heart attack every time I tried to eat or drink! Glad to know somebody understands my pain...ha!

  3. We are going to share the Cristo te ama card story at AWANA tonight. I can't wait to give the girls a more REAL picture of missions, through something they were a part of!

    I'll be praying for all of those situations.


  4. Praying with/for you friend! miss you terribly! I was thinking just last night how I wish you could bring Megan home from church and stay for a chat!


  5. Hello my dear East Texan. I miss you so much and pray for you all the time. It's such a blessing to know you are out spreading the Gospel. When you get back I hope to be living in College Station, and there's always a place for you in my home. I'll be praying for your healing. I love you so much!
    -Jamie Baldwin

  6. Shannan,

    Miss you all too! Wish I could bring Megan home and stay for a chat....or maybe I could invite myself over for dinner and you could not RESPOND...ha! Just teasing. Tell everyone hi for me. Love ya!

  7. Jamie!!!! Thank you so much for praying for me I miss you girl! Billboard....................
    JESUS is the answer...ha!