Saturday, June 26, 2010

Ocotal Area!

God is working mightly in the Ocotal area of Nicaragua. We are heading back out with 4 more teams to the same area in the morning. It is a mix of teams from different areas and a mix of ages so be praying for unity within the group.

We are passing out a study guide that one of the IMB missionaries made to go along with a radio program that will air for 12 weeks througout rural areas of Nicaragua. The guide shares the gospel and then also goes through some discipleship. This is great for rural areas that often don't have a church close enough to attend. It is also wonderful for those who can not read. Almost everyone has access to a radio.

Last week we had 2 groups in the Ocotal area and we passed out the study guide in 42 communities. Many people have already called the surrounding churches asking for information because they read the guide and accepted Christ. We had about 25 people accept Jesus just from the days we were passing out the guide!

Pray for us as we go back out. Pray for the Lord to open more hearts to the truth of His word. Pray for wisdom and energy for me and the other leaders as we have been going non-stop. I am so excited to see what the Lord is going to continue to do in this area and I am beyond excited about all that He has already done! Okay, more later... it is 1:00am and I am still not packed. Here are a few pictures from last week. (The first picture is of a couple of young men reading the study guide we had just given them)


  1. Wow, Rachel, that's so awesome! How amazing is our God??? 25 new saints in only a few days - glory! So excited to know even just a part of how God is working in Nicaragua. Praying for you, sister. Blessings!

  2. Praying that God does" immeasurably more" through, in, and around you guys! He is SO GOOD! Why he would use messed up folks like us for His glory??
    ....But Praise Him! Miss you & love you!!!!

  3. These pics are amazing and so is the word of all that God is doing around you!

    It's so hard to imagine that you are even standing after all the days you've been out this time, but I know that God is giving you energy to finish strong in Nicaragua.

    Can't wait to talk to you!

    Love you,