Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A Few Pictures of Nicaragua!

The church we built in Muy Muy Viejo! (1st church in this area ...God is So Good)
This is about midway through the project.

Beginning stages. We carried that wood for miles on our shoulders.

Getting ready to put the frame up.

Sleeping quarters when out with a team. I atually enjoy sleeping in a hammock.
A few girls hanging out with us at a school.
A boy with his little brother.
This is how they make cheese...gringos can't eat it because it will make them sick.
This is the make-shift shower. I usually go for the creek.
A good mode of transportation during the rainy season!
La Latrina - this is where you do your business...ha!
A typical family home in the mountains.
In the kitchen- cooking area. The stove is made up of dirt, it is pretty awesome.
Girls looking out the window at the funny gringa!


  1. Awesome pictures! I bet being on the mountain hiking team is so much fun. Wish I could come along :) Today I saw Julie and Jader at Living Hope and thought of you too. How is everything going in sunny, hot Nicaragua?

    Some updates on me: I got my scores back from my students taking the 8th grade science TAKS test and 100% of them passed....PRAISE DA LORD!!! I have two more weeks of school left and then summer time :)

    Tell Loren and Karen that Trouper and I say HI. If you have any prayer requests send them our way. We would love to pray specifically for anything if ya'll need it! Love you guys and enjoy the rest of your summer in Nicaragua :)

  2. Amanda, So good to hear from you! I am so proud of you and your kids...100% that is incredible! You are a very gifted teacher and the time and effort you put into your science classes pays off. Everyone here says Hi back! Pray for rest in the midst of crazy scheudles. We have a team in every week (some double/triple teams in one week) and Loren and Karen are also preparing to move. Lots going on. Pray that we will all stay sensitive to where the HS is leading in the midst of all that is going on! Thanks!